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Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  Do you use 2-4D?  
We are extremely aware of the potential 2-4D problems with Alpacas - more than other hay producers that do not grow their hay for Alpacas. We use a herbicide once a year, normally in the spring. Then we roll of the grass and then on the next cutting we square bale.

Question:  Is your hay fertilized and tested?  
Yes. We do a soil test every year and constantly monitor our nitrogen levels. We also test our hay AFTER it has been in the barn for at least 2 weeks. This gives the hay time to cook. When we have a drought and then a lot of rain before cutting, we test the hay for high nitrogen.

Question:  What kind of hay do you produce?  
We produce a quality hay specifically designed for Alpacas. We try to keep the Crude Protein between 10 and 12 percent.

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