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About Corsicana Quality Alpacas

Welcome to Corsican Quality Alpacas where we "Breed for Quality"!

Here at Corsicana Quality Alpacas we are creating a showcase for these wonderful animals, providing them with a peaceful and safe home.

We are also creating a setting where other Alpaca owners can board (agist) their Alpacas with us if they desire or if there is an emergency. Owners can come to the ranch, take care of their alpacas and if they want, they can sit down in the shade and watch the alpaca peacefully grazing - or the boys 'getting it on' . They can also watch cattle and registered quarter horses lazilly graze the pastures.

When we started over 6 years ago we knew very little. Well we have learned a lot but we learn more each day. One thing we have learned is that these animals are easy to take care of and if you have any stress, just watching them and listening to them humm is a sure cure!

We also learned that knowing what is in your hay is critical. We have friends that have lost many animals because they bought round bales and did not know what was in them nor what was used on the grass.Got to our Hay section to learn how we raise our hay that we sell to other Alpaca and Horse ranches.

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